House on the Hill

Architect & Construction Management

A challenging site worth the effort for the magnificent view of the Little Miami River.

A modern vocabulary 2-bedroom, 2900 square foot house with a studio nestled among the trees and tucked into the hillside. The site required the foundation to be set on original soil yet the floor plan of the house cantilevers eight feet out in two directions, to the west and north. Because of limited site access the construction process required starting at the north end of the site and working towards the south in phases.

Rendering October 2021

An Evening View

Rob & Jesse

Second Story Taking Shape

Entry Closed In

Master Bedroom

Walnut Boules for Cabinets

Walnut Slab from Boule

Bay from Below

Marvin Windows

Main Room Ceiling

Master Bedroom View

View from River


Douglas Fir Beams

Frame Sheeting Bay

Frame Sheeting

Frame From Below

Frame – Phase 1

Framing Main Room

Floor Decking – Phase 1

Floor Joist – Phase 1

Floor Joist – Phase 1

Concrete Coring

C.E.Ment dialing in Basement Floor

Beam Welding

Schumacher Support

Beam Placement

Beam Placement

Master Bedroom Beam

Gary, Dayton Iron Workers

Cantilever Beams


Crawl Space Finish

Crawl Space

View of River

Pump for Footer

Pouring Footer

Footer – Phase 1

Original Site

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